High Quality Technical Training Course

****Increasing enterprise advantage by advance training course.****

1.Training course for Human Resource Management

2.Training course forPM 2.5 Control Technology

3.Training course forProperty Management System

4.Training course forIndoor Air Quality Control Equipment

5.Training course forEnergy Saving System

6.Training course forEnvironmental Impact Assessment

7.Training course forCloud Computing system:

Sustainability Management Association Co., Ltd. (SMA)

Registratered in Bangkok, Thailand

1.Human Resource Management System

Amazing Human Resource Management System S-HR from interin:entering the vender.

2.PM 2.5 Control Technology

PM2.5 Control Association: PCMA.

Control Technology : enter CT.

Monitoring technology: enter MTC.

3.Property Management System

Taiwan Institute of Intelligent Building Association: enter.

Taiwan Institute of Property Management: enter.

June Sun Digicom: enter.


Build Information Management System:BIM/3D: enter.

Facility Management: enter.

4.Indoor air quality control equipment

Indoor Air Quality Association: enter.

Sick House Inspection Association: enter.

Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc. (IAQA): enter.

5.Energy Saving System

6.Environmental Impact Assessment

7.Cloud Computing system

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